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The Ambrosiana Library & Art Gallery

Basket of Fruit  - Caravaggio

The Ambrosiana Library & Art Gallery, established in the early 1600's by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, are two of the most prestigious Milanese institutions and may well be considered amongst the first public libraries and museums in the world. The Pinacoteca Ambrosiana boasts a large number of masterpieces by Italian and Flemish masters, the Portrait of a Musician, the only wood panel by Leonardo da Vinci left in town, the preparatory cartoon for the School of Athens by Raphael, the extraordinary Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio, forerunner of the still-life genre in Italy.

Where: piazza Pio XI, 2.
Opening hours: Tue/Sun from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (closed on Mondays). /How to get there: tram 16 or subway (Cordusio nearest station). Admission charge.


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