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Villas and palaces along Corso Venezia

Vlla Belgiojoso Bonaparte - inner garden

Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte on Via Palestro, just a few minutes walk from the Palestro metro station, is an extraordinary example of Neoclassical style, that reveals its real façade only if you take the bother to walk towards the inner garden. Currently seat of the GAM (Modern Art Gallery), this stately mansion was planned by the Viennese architect Leopold Pollack for Ludovico Balbiano di Belgiojoso, hence its present name, but in 1804  the property was bequeathed to Napoleon Bonaparte. After admiring the villa we will proceed along Corso Venezia where some of Milan’s most interesting buildings of the 1800’s and 1900’s can be admired. This is where Art Nouveau made its first appearance in town with the so called “House of Buttocks” and where an extravagant millionaire created a garden for his beloved flamingos and peacocks. Cod. 016-VPCVZ.

Where: Via Palestro 16
How to get there: subway (line 1 Palestro- Line 3 Turati).
Opening hours: 9.00 am – 5:30 pm (last admittance: 5.00 pm).
Admission charge except Tuesday pm.

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