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About us

At Art Discoveries Milano we believe that guiding is an extraordinary job because it offers the unique opportunity to show with love what we love. We also believe that guides must be professionals and possess not only the deep rooted knowledge, the skills, the expertise, but also the necessary legal recognition to conduct tours. 

Be sure that with Art Discoveries Milano you will always get what you are paying for – and we hope even more –  a guided tour only with an experienced and professional native or... flawless English speaking guide.
If you believe that these are not good-enough-reason to choose us. Well…we will give you 6 more to make sure you change your mind!
 1)  Milan goes far beyond visitors’ expectations and offers an incredible wealth of Art treasures. Discover them with Art Discoveries Milano.
 2)  Milan is not only the hustle and bustle of Italy’s economical and financial capital but also quiet courtyards and cobblestone streets. Explore them with Art Discoveries Milano.
  3)  Milan today is worldly renown as the city of Fashion and Design although the status of trend setters was gained centuries ago. Get it all with Art Discoveries Milano.
  4)  Leonardo’s Last Supper, the Cathedral, the Sforza Castle, the Scala Theatre are just a few of Milan's most popular  sites. Enjoy also least known spots with Art Discoveries Milano.
 5)  Milan needs time, patience, dedication and... comfortable shoes to be best appreciated. Furthermore it needs the passionate knowledge of an expert guide and at Art Discoveries Milano our main concern is to share with you an unforgettable experience.
 6) Last but not least: as we do not want to drag along unhappy people, we do our best  to schedule the Last Supper at the beginning of our Leonardo da Vinci’s  themed tours.  Feel free to skip the second part. On our side, we promise not to be...too upset.


About Myself

My name is Andrea and since the mid 1990’s I have been guiding professionally in Milano & Lake Como area. The idea of setting up a web service providing guided tours in Milano, the city where I have lived since childhood, has been lingering in the back of my mind for a long while, but it was only a few years ago that it started taking shape, turning into something real. Art Discoveries Milano summarizes perfectly what I wanted to put together: my love for Art, the thrill of making new discoveries and sharing them with others and... Milan or Milano, as we call here the capital of Lombardy, the frenzy city that people usually associate with Fashion, Design, Business, Music but not as much as it would deserve with artistic beauty. The starting point – at this stage - could only be the city’s most precious gem:  Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, an iconic painting that was executed here in the late 15th century by the most ingenious artist ever born on earth. But Milan, although lucky to house this Unesco World’s Heritage Site, can boast an incredibly large number of Art treasures that represent the unexpected side of the busiest and most dynamic Italian city. Art Discoveries Milano wants to share with you that hidden side and help you to gather a scrap book of wonderful memories to flip through with pleasure once you have returned back home.

Cate Blanchett al Cenacolo Vinciano

In Milan to launch Armani’s new perfume, glamorous Cate Blanchett did not want to miss Leonardo’s Last Supper. It wasn’t her first visit to the former Dominican refectory that houses the masterpiece, but even for a celebrity it’s hard to resist such a captivating work of art. Despite her busy schedule there was still time for a quick pose at the museum’s exit. Thank you, Cate, it was a great pleasure to be your guide!

May 19th  2013

Jessica Chastain al Cenacolo Vinciano

During a brief stop In Milan, beatutiful but easy-going-and-down-to-earth Californian actress, Jessica Chastain, was happy to see once more - this time with a private guided tour - Leonardo da Vinci's  Last Supper, a masterpiece that is celebrated worldwide since the late 15th century. At the end of the tour a picture together in front of the high definition poster that reproduces the painting.

September 11th  2013

Khaled Hosseini at Last Supper Museum

American Novelist Khaled Hosseini, in Milan to promote And the Mountains Echoed, his third bestseller after The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns enjoyed a thrilling after-hour tour at Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. Being such a popular  writer I was actually quite relieved to find out how easygoing and graceful he is a person. He seemed truly captivated by my commentary and he even appreciated my sometimes wicked sense of humour. In particular he grinned when I mentioned that the feminine character so close to Jesus was certainly not what another popular American writer claims he is...
It was a huge pleasure to guide Khaled Hosseini to Milan’s hottest museum and considering that he is such a dazzling storysteller, I felt honoured having been able to captivate his and the rest of the audience’s attention for the more than half hour we spent in the Cenacolo.

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