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Because with Art Discoveries Milano... the Last Supper visit is ALWAYS guaranteed.
The Cenacolo is  Milan's most renowned and visited museum but - for reasons of preservation of the painting itself - access is restricted to a limited number of visitors.
Only groups of 25/30 people every 15 minutes are allowed to view Leonardo's masterpiece and tickets sell out quite fast. Art Discoveries Milano can offer on scheduled days and at allotted times a visit to the painting for the maximum number of people allowed. 
Because with Art Discoveries Milano... your guide will be NATIVE or flawless English speaking.
You will get a commentary on the Last Supper and a guided tour that depending on the chosen itinerary will be different in terms of content, duration and timing. In other words we do not sell just the plain ticket. Art Discoveries Milano offers much more than just admittance to the world’s most celebrated Supper and we truly hope that you will join one of the many other guided tours we offer. Leonardo is Leonardo but Milano is much more!
Because with Art Discoveries Milano... booking is EASY. 
Just go to section "Guided Tours" or "Calendar" and select either one of the available tours or a specific date, follow the instructions and pay through Paypal. No commission will be charged. After transaction is completed you will get from Paypal a  receipt and within 2 working days you will be e-mailed a voucher with detailed information about your tour. Don't worry, there is no chance that tickets can be sold twice because as soon as you have completed the transaction the system will decrease the number of tickets still available online. 
Because with Art Discoveries Milano... you DON'T GET the usual tour. 
We do not cover many of the classical sights such as the Cathedral, La Scala Theatre or the Gallery because we prefer to focus on the not-as-well-known aspects of the city, but we are open-minded and can organize on demand, for smaller or larger groups, whatever tour you request. 
Because with Art Discoveries Milano... you PAY LESS and you get more. 
Save money by purchasing - when available - the Best Value of the Month or a Jack in the Box Tour which is a “surprise tour” that starts or ends with Leonardo’s Last Supper and includes other places of interest may that be a monument, a Church, an ancient courtyard, a historical building.

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